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Total white out...



This morning our wishes were answered.
Bristol was covered in a thick blanket of crisp white snow.  The kinda snow that crunches under foot, makes great snowmen, snow that you want to roll around in!  Yes, we did it all.

Once we heard school was closed for the day, we quickly threw on every warm layer we had ready for an Arctic adventure.  Finally, when we had wrestled our boots on over too many pairs of socks, Dan and I pulled the boys on their sledges to the local park.  Snow was so thick we could sledge the entire way there, down the paths, through the snow covered streets, across roads - all around us we saw other families trudging to the park with the obligatory red plastic sledge in tow.

The excitement was contagious.

There were flung ourselves down short, steep slopes, built snow castles and a snow Aslan.  Played angels in the snow and had a wild time with friends.

Soon fingers turned blue so off to the local cafe for hot chocolate and hot chips.
A perfect morning.


  1. What great photos ... looks like you all had a ball ... enjoy the weekend ... Bee xx

  2. You got some 'yay!' how wonderful - and such a lot as well.

    Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the snow, I think ours will start again tonight and no school as it's the weekend - none of ours have shut so far - sledge ahoy!

    Nina x

  3. Fabulous photos, Lou. Brizzle looks positively Narnian! Laura x

  4. Snow Aslan - brill! I love it when the snow settles so delicately on the branches. Beautiful pics, looks like you had a ball! x

  5. Am so jealous - I had to go to work! Tomorrow the common calls...I hope it snows a bit more.

  6. its reading posts like this that I fight back 'what ifs'! you have a what if life and i love you share it! Tilly cant do snow, her sensory dsyfunction, part of her sms makes it so hard! big sigh!! what if xxxxx

  7. I'm jealous too! Hoping for snow tonight :)

  8. School closed due to snow! How absolutely magical. It looks like ridiculous fun. And to think at the same time we were melting through our hottest ever day. Kellie xx

  9. Yay! Us too with school closed. Wasn't it amazing! I hope we get some more on Monday.

  10. Wow, you guys got a lot of snow down in the South West! Gorgeous snow pictures. x

  11. Such lovely pics of your adventures in the snow. Sledging, snow angels and lots of hot choc for us too, and loved walking back home from friends house at dusk pulling our 5 year old on a sledge. So still and silent across the fields. Wish I could capture it all in great pics like you!


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