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Half term planning...

So Half Term is next week... we are really looking forward to it in this house.  Long slow days filled with eating pancakes, lego building, and adventuring.  And we need it too. Charlie is exhausted, he's limping towards Friday, each morning is becoming more of struggle to get up.  But he is being so good, hardly any moaning.  Rufus is off home again.  High temperature and achy limbs.  I am seriously fed up with viruses!

So... onto some serious Half Term planning.  I like to mix up the days, some with high adventure followed by a slow lego and pyjama day.

Here are a few things we are looking forward to doing:

  • Celebrate the Chinese New Year on Sunday 10th at the Mshed
  • Attend the Bristol Zoo Wildabout Forest School for a day fire buiding, and playing in the mud.
  • A romp in the woods at our local National Trust Tyntesfield
  • Visit the Theatre
  • A trip to the Cinema with friends to see Wreck it Ralph
  • Make a mountain of pancakes for Shrove Tuesday (12th)
  • Dig up the allotment and prepare for Spring (this will be me, the boys will just play probably!)
  • Craft on cold rainy days - using the wonderful on-line resource Mr Printables
I hope this will occupy them!  What are you planning this Half Term, please share your tips on entertaining your kids... we could all do with as many good ideas as we can!
I am of course hoping for mild and sunshine filled days, we could all do with some of those.


  1. Wow, you're such a lovely mum, planning all this. I hope Ru gets better soon. Our half term is the week after yours and we're spending it in Devon at my mum's. Looking forward to a rest! xxx

    1. Ah Kerry, thank you. I just miss them so much when they are at school, I want our family time to be great. Ah so nice you get some country air... if you fancy popping into Bristol for a cuppa when you are passing just give me a call, be lovely to see you! xx

  2. wow! great ideas! we are at my parents for three days, visiting friends then back home for a day at our local park then going to see the snow drops at newark park national trust property 3 mins from where we live xx

    1. Oh Newark Park! I totally forgot about that. I might see you there then! :) xx

  3. This sounds brilliant, can we come too?

    1. Lottie, of course! Any or all! xx

  4. Sounds fantastic Lou ... sadly we only get a short mid term break here ... but we do intend to have some outdoor fun weather permitting ... hope you all enjoy your plans ... Bee xx

  5. Lisa6.2.13

    Blessings from Aust and I have to say...lurrrv the new cards!
    We are stinking hot here, and my 5yrold is struck down with a ferocious fever...there is no relief! Our fav activity involves me creating a little "checklist" for our walks,park adventures,exploring moments... sometimes they have different ones and sometimes the same.
    I stick, paste, draw, write words, animals plants, features etc... and they tick off what they see or find. Works great indoors too! And I love the tricky ones, like finding a dry flower/dandelion and see its petals blow off or a seed pod drop from a tree... Hmmm maybe I am the one that loves it! (I have 3 boys and I find giving them some similar items but mostly different ones mean they work together and it doesnt become explorer olympics with a winner!)

  6. Lisa6.2.13

    ooh, I also buy a cheap packet of plastic animals, they pick one and google research what it most closely resmebles, name it and then create a habitat for it that best suits its needs... fair dinkum I lurrrv little boy play!


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