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Nature in the Home - a series...

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Pops of pink!
I've been feeling under the weather these past few days.  Just a cold, but it does half make me feel down and grumpy!  I am no use being ill - too busy!  
When I feel like this, I crave pink.  Yes I live in a colour coded world!  So, I've been wearing my pink scarf, buying pink tulips, and swooning over this image.  Pink - the colour of positivity. 
This vase is stunning and the blooms - swoon!  I need some big flowers in my life, perhaps I should grow some on my allotment this year - then I will have hundreds.  How about that!  Now there's an idea.


  1. Love pink... yellow... orange... everything...
    I grow sweet peas and dahlias every year, so I always have a small bunch of pretties throughout the summer.

  2. I love Mireille's blog: so colorful and pretty!

  3. love the image of pink as the colour of positivity. That makes me smile. I have all boys so I love getting pink in my life! Pink vases and big pink flowers seem just right! xo

  4. That vase is crazy <3

    And you have an allotment?! I'm a little envious here - please do grow some pink blooms and share them.

    Hope you feel better - this winter really does seem to have been the worst.


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