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New cards...

I almost forgot to blog about my new cards!  How silly of me.  Since the New Year I've been dabbling with my water colours again, I quickly became caught up in painting bright and carefree blooms... dreaming of Spring I suppose!
So here is the result of many hours daydreaming.  Three new greetings cards.  The first two are suitable for Valentines, but can be sent at any time of the year to your beau.  And of course the bottom is perfect for a Spring birthday.
Available now in my Bigcartel, Etsy and Folksy shops.


  1. These are so pretty!

  2. They're gorgeous! The bottom one would make a lovely print too.

    Colleen x

  3. As always Lou, beautfiul. xx

  4. Really gorgeous, Lou. They remind me of that style of folksy art you see on old gypsy caravans. You are very talented.

    Gillian x

  5. Really nice - bottom one is my favourite and agree with Colleen, would be a nice print.

  6. These are beautiful Lou, cant wait to see more! Hope you are well and keeping busy. I hope to be back in Bristol soon.
    P.s. I have a new little blog :)


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