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Yesterday we we spent the whole day in the woods - a beautiful sun drenched, adventure filled day.
Wildabout Forest School invited us to spend a taster day with them.  The boys built dens, dug out a stream, toasted marshmallows, popped corn in a sieve over the fire, feasted on toffee apples and bread twists.
Jackie, the camp leader, showed the boys how to build a fire, listen for bird song, and gave them the time and space to explore the camp, to fully relax into the woodland.
Charlie spent most of the day digging out the stream and changing the course of the water, whilst Rufus made friends and became the mud monster from the lagoon.
It was blissful sitting next to the warmth of the camp fire, listening to my kids laughter and shrieks echo around the hillside.  As the parents chatted, our children made firm friends.
After 5 hours in the woods we left feeling relaxed, happy and with the smell of smoke in our hair.
A wonderful day out.

Wildabout Forest School runs courses for kids aged 8-13 years in a special forest camp just outside of Bristol.  For more information please visit their website. They can also do birthday parties too!  I am going to sign Charlie up for the summer camp.


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  1. This looks amazing and your photos are great. Im sure my boys will love this sort of thing when they're older.

  2. looks like you all had an amazing day!! Much better than having to nip to the shops or something...

  3. A-MAze-ING! I love anything and everything that brings our children closer to the woods, especially when I can tag along. I went to Yosemite National Park in CA (US) with my son's 7th grade Science Class. It was life altering. And helped me in my grief about my mom's passing.

    Nature brings us closer to our soul. helps us shape our humanity. xxoo

  4. I want to go, the photos are fantastic and it all looks great outdoors fun. Must see if there is something similar in Edinburgh or nearby.

  5. I never realised you could make popcorn on an open fire. It looks great.

  6. This looks fabulous! My son goes to a Forest School pre-school, which is just so fabulous. So good for kids to spend time getting grubby outdoors! x

  7. Love this! Wish we had something similar round here! I'm off to google! Jx

  8. Lovely photos, Lou, looks like it was a magical day.

  9. That looks so fab I would have loved that as a kid x

  10. I just love your pictures of that day :-)

  11. Great to see so much interest! Please do check out to find out about Forest School and help find practitioners near you.
    Happy to help advise also. It's great to get out into the woods isn't it? : )


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