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House Love...


I am in love with this place.
The space.
The large windows.
The connection of the garden to the inside.
Those Cacti.
The Bertoia chairs.
The studio space.
It is just beautiful.  This Buenos Aires home belongs to graphic designer Mercedes Hernaez and has been designed by her architect husband Alejandro Sticotti.  Mercedes describes her home as a 'garden with a roof' and I can see why.

For more images and the interview please visit FreudevonFreuden.

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  1. Wow...nice windows and I really love that kitchen!

  2. I'm in love too! ^_^

  3. Wow those windows! And the garden surrounding it! So peaceful. Feels like a beautiful space to create too x

  4. Wow, what a find. It's wonderful. I think my all time house envy!

  5. Hello! Lovely find Lou...especially the kitchen. We've had an offer accepted on a house so I'm full of plans for paint colours, floorboard and kitchen. It needs EVERYTHING doing to it! Mmmm...think I'm going to hit budget issues!

  6. thanks for sharing. I really love that, "a garden with a roof." I just love windows and light. I think my favorite might be the brick fireplace SURROUNDED by glass.

    And then knowing that this home is in Buenos Aires makes it even more special to me. :)

  7. How hard do you think it'll be to convince her that she really needs a blogging commune in that house? Well a girl can dream...

  8. oooo the cacti are good.

  9. oh yes that's lovely, when can I move in?! love the 1st 2 photos especially x

  10. oh for a studio like that!!! xxx


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