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Open studios...

Last weekend we took a short stroll from home to our local open studios at Spike Island.
Opening once a year to the public, it is a treat to wander from studio to studio and feel so inspired.
The studio collective houses a great mix of painters, sculptors, contemporary and classic art all under one roof.  Each studio a real working space, warts and all.  I loved the paint splats and the crazy objects everywhere.
The boys ran from studio to studio, shouting out 'come and see this!' - we couldn't help to find their enthusiasm infectious.  
Leaving, scooting back across the bridge to home, Rufus told me he wanted a studio to paint and draw and make a mess!
Lets hope he does.


  1. It's great to go somewhere completely dedicated to creativity isn't it? The process, not necessarily the result...

    Studios and classrooms can be much more inspiring than galleries and exhibitions. And the messier the better!


  2. Where I live (Thornbury, just north of Bristol) has just had their open studio event, and it is honestly amazing to see the talent that is all around. Hard to believe that people are making such wonderful art, ceramics, jewellery, photos, textiles etc. right in my own neighbourhood and in a lot of cases right in their own homes. And incredibly inspiring.

  3. lovely pics as ever, they really capture the atmosphere. x

  4. I love the look of the creative splatter too!


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