Travel // The Ethicurean in Somerset…

We headed on through the leafy Somerset lanes to The Ethicurean. Β A much loved place for DanΒ and I. It was so warm it felt like we were in the South of France. Β Bees buzzed around the lavender, and buzzard soared in the sky.
We decided on a simple yet delicious ploughmans washed down with cooling spritzers. Β Even our salad had small borage flowers.
Such a wonderful day… it is what summer is meant for.
The Ethicurean are having their Summer Solstice feast tonight – if you would like to go please have a look at their website.
  • CJ

    Love it there, love it. I was at a walled garden too today, they are just wonderful. So sheltered, just right for vegetables and salads and peaches ripened against warm stone walls…

  • Allison

    that view!! x

  • Lori | Wild and Grizzly

    Oooh I think I’m a little jealous x

  • Jane George

    lovely seeing you guys xxxx

  • Karen

    Perfect. I am living vicariously through you at the moment as we plod our way through what seems like an endless term. There better be some lovely days in August! Beautiful photographs x

  • Gillian

    It all looks and sounds perfect. If only every day was like that! x

  • Carolyn Carter

    These photos are great – there is such a lovely, rich tone to them, are you using a particular editing tool? vsco perhaps? …just curious. :) x

  • Vicky

    I am so, so jealous – I’m dying to go to the Ethicurean! It’s right at the top of my ‘to visit’ list – and your photos are beautiful as usual.

  • makey vicky

    Please STOP taking pictures of your Saltwater sandals! You are making me so jealous… They don’t make them to fit my massive feet. (lovely post by the way) x

  • Lisa-Marie

    I’ll be putting The Ethicurean on my ‘to visit’ list. It looks so beautiful there – so English and yet, as you said, a bit French. Lovely!

  • jen

    Oh Lou, these pictures are just beautiful. What an amazing restaurant. Wish I was with you both for a meal like that! x

  • Debbie

    Wow that looks good I must get myself up there, I don’t live that far away.

  • Christina

    Lovely photos in a beautiful setting. So green!

  • Anna Conway

    Beautiful photos!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lou, I only discovered your blog recently and already I love it. And your beautiful photos. Love the shot of those red geums and the blue delphiniums – gorgeous. What a lovely day you had. Here’s to plenty more sunny summer days! Jen