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Eden Project...

Last week, whilst we were in Cornwall, we happily spent the day wandering the gardens and Biomes of The Eden Project.
An absolute favourite place of ours, if never fails to inspire us.  Beautiful rows of dahlias, sweet corn, ruby chard and lavender occupy the steep banks. Whilst inside the space age Biomes, the tropics take over.
The heat is always there, especially on the hottest days in July.  Muggy, humid and unbearable.  It reminds me, always, of my days travelling through mosquito countries, Indonesia, Thailand, India.  
I love how my boys gallop through the green leaves of the banana and bamboos, searching round the next corner, like proper explorers.
If you are heading down Cornwall way, The Eden Project is a MUST.


  1. i love the eden project! i arrived in cornwall yesterday for our holiday for a week. really hoping we can visit the eden project again!

  2. such a lovey place! btw, i am from Indonesia. Do you have post about Indonesia? Let me know ;)

  3. Yes, Eden Project is definitely a must. I have been there many times when I lived in Cornwall and lots of times while it was being built. A wonderful, fascinating, interesting place. Ann x

  4. It looks like a very interesting place and your pictures are great!

  5. It looks amazing, Lou. I love that stream with all the coins. I see that and I think of all those wishes, all those dreams. x

  6. Hi Lou!

    I've always wanted to go and you've captured it so beautifully. Maybe if we ever move to the other side of the county we'll get to visit.

    Happy Summer holidays,

    Nina x

    ps. Marilyn Moore makes the most divine dresses.

  7. That picture of Ru and Charlie is just so sweet. I love it x


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