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Nature in the Home... a Series (Week 19)

Image via Sarah of Mitsenka

Well not as hard as I thought, red!  Lots and lots of strawberries (why I didn't think of this I don't know - der!).  To me, red was always going to be a dahlia, but as they are not in bloom until the end of summer I was kind of stumped.

But, you all found something red, from strawberries to rose petals, apples to poppies, my blog was a riot of colour!  I loved this image above - the red/orange of the beautiful nasturtiums, and in that turquoise vase, I just couldn't resist having it as my image of the week.

So, last week I set the challenge of SIMPLE - how did we all do?  Was it simple?  Or just a bit vague?  We shall see....

I am also thinking of having a little break for the summer - yes I know, but with work commitments and the boys school holidays not so far off, I feel that Littlegreenshed will be taking a back seat for a while.  I am going to still blog, but as the whim takes me, and not worry that I might be letting people down if I am not here for a week or so.

Saying this, I shall return to Nature in the Home at the end of August, ready for Harvest.  I can't wait to see, bountiful bowls of apples, blackberries, squashes, vases of dahlias, and other great goodness that end of summer or the beginning of spring can bring.

So for now, the final challenge in Spring series of Nature in the Home is:  Round

See you next week!



  1. Hi Lou, I think it is a lovely idea to come back in the Autumn for another series. Ours are on holiday already and time simply evaporates every day - 6pm comes so fast. Thanks for hosting the series, it's been great fun. Katie x

  2. No one will judge you for taking a break during the school holidays as most of us will probably do the same. There are many precious moments made during the school holidays and a time to be spent with children as they soon grow up xx

  3. Beautiful color! :-)

  4. Not quite gotten around with the simple theme, but maybe I will get there. I completely understand that you need to take a break for the summer, seems very sensible. xoxo

  5. Oh the simple combination of those hot summery yellows and reds and deep greeny blues is just perfection to me. Delicious colours. Lovely!

  6. Ooh round, hmmm, not as easy as it seems I suspect! A little break seems very sensible, here's to a fab summer x

  7. It's been a wonderful series, Lou. I look forward to round and harvest beyond... but not until we've savoured summer! Claire xo

  8. I'm loveing these posts and I've found some nice new blogs too - I need to join in again!

  9. What a wonderful idea! I will join in, so much fun!

  10. No one should feel obliged to blog when their children are home for the summer, I think you're right to take a break. But talk about leaving us with a tough one. Round, eh? It's the first time I've been stumped for an idea!

  11. May I join in at this late stage?I found you over at Knitsofacto.

    1. Sorry for mucking it up but I was a wee bit premature at posting my 'Round' subject so have deleted it and will re-enter it next week. Must be too much sun to my head!

  12. Enjoy your week off Lou, and the lovely sun and heat (I am assuming it is warm and sunny there too at the moment)! /maria x


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