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Just So Festival...

Last weekend, the most wonderful children's festival Just So was held in Cheshire, in the grounds of Rhode Hall Estate.  This festival is the most charming and magical I have ever seen.

If you could think of your most wildest of childhood dreams, would you have become a Cowboy, lassooing and cattle rustling?  Setting sail on the high seas in your pirate ship, singing sea shanties?  Dancing to disco music?  Being Max in the wild rumpus?  Away with the faeries?  Singing songs around a large camp fire? Story telling?  Acrobats and circus skills? Crafting all day that your fingers become glued together?  All of it?  

Well, at Just So you can - and maybe your children can too!

The festival organisers Rowan and Sarah had thought of everything.  The decoration of the site was perfect, large colourful umbrella's hung from the trees at the entrance, in the woods lampshades and festoons hung from the trees, in the fairy kingdom pretty frocks and elves houses twinkled in the dimly lit woodland glade.

We ooo'd and ahhhh'd as we made our way round.  Shrieks of 'Mum there's the Gruffalo!' or 'Dad lets make a headress'.  

If you are looking for loud music, fast fair ground rides, rows upon rows of stalls selling tat and burger vans then this is NOT the festival for you.

But if you are after magic, enchantment, awe, wonder and a sprinkling of fairy dust... you are in the right place.

Early bird tickets for 2014 have just gone on sale... be quick, this one is sure to sell out.

Thank you guys for letting us be part of such a special weekend.


  1. gorgeous photos Lou, love the one of your boys in their hats! x

  2. Love these photos - ahhh every day should be a festival day!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pics! I've been wondering about this festival for a while as it just looks so lovely for the children. Is there enough to keep adult minds busy too?! x

  4. Wish we'd been able to meet up. Had to race home as A had suspected mumps!

    Can't wait for next year x

  5. Beautiful pictures lou - doyou use a filter on them? They look lovely! Xx

  6. Hi! I've never heard of this festival, and it looks fantastic! I'd love to go there with my family! Best regards from Spain,

  7. As I said on Lottie's post, this festival looks amazing! I've sent both your recounts to my husband in the hopes of enchanting him for next year...

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree

  8. We went a few years ago and our kids loved it. So pleased you enjoyed it. Wonderful photo's xo


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