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Off to Camp Bestival...

So we are ready (ish)... well if we are not, then who cares?!
As from today until Monday will be in a field in Dorset, dressed as Cowboys and Indians, having the wildest of times at Camp Bestival.

We are so excited, that we might explode!

See you on the other side!  Have a wonderful weekend.

If you fancy hot footing it down South and joining us, there are still a few family weekend tickets available - see you there!


  1. The kids are looking super cool. Have a fab time, enjoy!! xo

  2. They look ever so stylish! :-)

  3. Fab costumes, have a brilliant time. I'm sure we all want to know what you're wearing! See you next week for Yeo Valley fun - looking forward to meeting you finally!

  4. Ooo we were there too!

  5. They look adorable;o)


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