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Running wild, gasping in awe, hugging friends, tangled hair, scraped knees, bruises, tattoo'd arms, blackberry stained fingers, face painted,  nettle stung ankles. Lungs full of fresh mountain air, gazing at the stars, feeling the morning dew on our toes, leaping to the music, singing campfire songs, drawing monsters, stretching in bed, bike riding, pavement chalking & reading out loud.  We are dancing, forever dancing to the beat of our own drum...

Summer you have been epic!

The best summer I can remember in my entire life... more so than when I travelled the world chasing the sun.  This summer is most memorable because it has been filled with the people I love.  And that in itself is more reason to call it the best...

So now twisting, twirling, dancing on tip toes, bum wiggling, fist pumping and knee sliding into September... this is how we salute you summer....

Thank you, you are most loved, you will be missed...


  1. Beautiful. Hope September, fall and winter will be just as wonderful for you!

  2. It has been an amazing summer, I agree, have you got festival fatigue? Or does it make you want more, more, more? Love your 'dancing to the beat of our own drum' phraseology, It's beautiful, Happy September and keep on dancing, Katie x

  3. Oh it has been, it really has been, the very best. I don't want it to end. The better it is, the harder it is to say goodbye. We went to the woods today, and it was cool, and I could feel the end coming. There will be just a little more though I think. Just a little.

  4. Fist punching from this end too! Couldn't have put it better myself :D Twirling into September....
    Sarah --x--

  5. It has been an amazing one!

  6. It really has been an incredible summer! I am eagerly watching the trees for the first hint of gold, though.

  7. Beautiful. I've really enjoyed your summer tales and look forward to the changing season x


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