Kite Hill Yurts – mountain views and Welsh air…

I love Wales.  The mountains, the soaring views.  The lack of phone reception.  The enforced slow down.
A friend said to me today, that being in the mountains allows stresses to quite literally fall off your shoulders.  She said it was all that looking up, your worries sliding off your back as you stand their gazing up.  I believe she is right.
beandoorfield cricket
Last week, we spent four wonderful days in Mid-Wales, beneath the towering hills of the Black Mountains.  Kite Hill Yurts is a treasure, and absolute joy.  Owned by Canadian Dominic and Brit Kate and their young son, who last year returned to the UK to live the good life.  Searching for a small holding, came across this farm and fell in love.  It is enchanting, fields, views, ducks, a lama and two beautiful large Yurts.
Set high in a field behind the farm house, with breathtaking views of the Black Mountains laid out in front. We stayed in the yurt called Skylark, blue in colour, painted in Buddhist symbols and furnished with a large, comfortable bed, a single with a pull out truckle bed.  Arm chairs and importantly a log burner for cosy nights in bed reading Harry Potter (which we did).
horses manofthemountains lake
We spent days walking the surrounding moorland, discovering a mountain lake and meeting the local sheep and wild horses.  Playing cricket, board games and catching bugs.  As the evening drew in, we had delicious bbq’s, pork chops with aioli and crushed potatoes.  As the sun went down, Dan lit the fire and we made fire apples and sang camp songs.
chop cinnamon apples fire watching the view
After four days in this wonderful location, we felt renewed, revived and in love with Wales even more.
Thank you Dominic and Kate – you have a really special place!  For more information on staying at Kite Hill Yurts, please visit their website or visit their facebook page.
Recipe for Fire Apples:
Brown Sugar
1. Peel your apple (preferably picked from the tree, to be really outdoorsy and authentic)
2. Push the peeled apple onto the stick (found lying near bushes)
3. Roll the apple in a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon
4. Sit comfortably around a blazing camp fire
5. Dangle the sugar coated apple in the flames for a while
6. Check regularly and turn apple to avoid burning
7. Once apple is golden and caramelised, blow a little to cool and scoff
8. Repeat until you are stuffed


  • What amazing pictures! It looks so beautiful there. I wanna go now!

  • this is home! This where i grew up, just outside hay on wye in the foothills of the black mountains. me and my brother would fell run these hills…i miss it! x

  • I do love the sound of both Lou and will certainly be trying your campfire apples – they literally drop on our heads in the next few weeks to come.

    Nina x

  • That looks like bliss! What a wonderful trip to spend together, I must see beautiful Wales for myself soon!
    Katie x

  • Beautifully familiar landscape. Brings back happy memories of Green Man festivals, camping in llanthony, and buying too many books in Hay. Love the fire apples recipe. Think they might give s’mores a run for their money!

  • Wow, Lou! Absolutely stunning photos! Looks like a wonderful place to make memories. Xxx

  • this is my favorite place, its where i am happiest, its where i got married in a very tiny church surrounded by hills and the sound of sheep bleating, its where my husband grew up and where his family home still is, couldnt beleive it when i saw the pics my heart leapt ! X

  • YES! I love these photos and was wondering what was on the apples- that looks like a great recipe that we will have to try! Thank you for sharing:-)

  • I’m developing a real soft spot for yurts; they’re just so fun to be in. I love the intricate painted designs on the door.

    It looks like a fantastic little break, and those fire-caramelised apples look lush!

  • Wow, amazing photos. Such beautiful countryside, moody and strong looking. Love your banner by the way, perfectly simple. Elaina xo

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