National Trust – Powis Castle…

The day we spent exploring Powis Castle in Wales was hot, humid and a deep mist surrounded the mountains.  It seems a world away from the colder days we’ve experienced recently.
National Trust Powis Castle is such a brilliant place.  Stunning terraced gardens, which felt like we were walking through Italian scenes.  Clipped box hedges, as tall as 3 story buildings and shaped like large fluffy clouds showed us the way down to the bottom garden.  Winding through hedge tunnels, along gravel pathways, the boys ran ahead finding secret steps down into secret terraces. The odd statue leaping into view.
At the bottom the most welcoming National Trust cafe serving cakes, cream teas and coffee – much needed after the walk down and delicious as always.  After a quick pit stop a game of croquet on the lawn and a smell of the roses.
Back up at the castle, the views of the surrounding mountains were typically Welsh and beautiful, the mist just drifting off.  We visited the Museum, a collection of Indian antiques collected by the once Castle owner. Rufus fell in love with golden bejewelled tigers head.  Once back at the Yurt, he drew it in amazing detail.  A sign of a great day.
  • ooh yes, that looks like my kind of place… I do love the National Trust and that one looks like a beauty! the hedge is also amazing! x

  • Ow, I was just trying to spot my house in the gate shot, but it’s just hidden in the trees! I’m glad that you had such a wonderful time there, it’s a wonderful place and I never tire of the gardens. Lovely photos!

  • This is one of the things I really do miss about living in the UK…….National Trust properties. We lived near Hampton Court and spent many hours in the gardens – thank you for sharing xo

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