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the return of the R

September, the month where the R returns.... summer days of walking barefoot and skipping through the grass are slowly, passing by daily.   I feel melancholy, blue, at the passing of the summer.  Missing June & July already.

But secretly I love September - the slightly cooler days brings a sense of harvest to the home.  Jams and flavoured spirits to be made.  Wood store to be stocked.  Apples to be harvested from our tree.  In September I start looking at stationery, feeling the need for a new notebook or pens set.  Maybe I shall treat myself to a new to do list or school year calendar.

This month already, there is alot to look forward to.

Back to school - whilst I will miss the boys, and hate the daily routine, I will relish the peace and time to crack on with projects and work during school hours.  They are really looking forward to going back and seeing their friends.  

This month it's also Rufus' 6th Birthday - where has the time gone?  I am feeling a slight panic at the thought of planning this one.  In the home - we are (forever) renovating and re-decorating, I am hoping this month to finish a few projects, and finally move some paint tins to the shed.

What do you like about September?  Do you have plans?

P.S. My September loves list is up and over there on the right - go have a dig around.
P.S.S. I've just updated my Stockist list - some new exciting shops on there.
P.S.S.S Have a look at my September pinterest board for more inspiration.


  1. i'm finding it hard to believe autumn is really coming. feels like this is how it's going to be forever. thank you for reminding me of my wood burner, that is indeed something to look forward to. x

  2. Such a beautiful collage of the hope of September x I love the crisp mornings and evenings if September x Enjoy !

  3. I love September! Just the feeling of starting anew and looking forward to the colours of the coming season. Plus it's our wedding anniversary on the 18th! x

  4. I'm really struggling with September and an ending of things. I need to be brave and get through what is coming, somehow. But I will so miss my little people. And I am feeling blue too. Hope you have a good weekend nonetheless Lou.

  5. I love September but also a little sad as it means less days at the beach hut but more time harvesting the apples, blackberries and plums from the garden and finding new ways to use them! My teenage boys love helping pick them with me - who would have thought big smelly grumpy teenagers enjoying such a simple task! Beachhutcook x

  6. Summer appears to be having a last hurrah this week. I went out this morning in jumper and jeans, and was in a skirt and vest by school pick-up.

    I'm looking forward to baking birthday cakes for my niece and my son, walks in woods and watching the leaves change. We've got several lovely events to look forward to, and the calendar is already looking quite full for the month!

  7. where did summer go!

  8. Hello!!!! I just wanted to say how very very much i love your blog! Sort of stumbled here through the magical world of Pinterest and here i am an hour later and knee deep in your pretty little space.

    I write a little too if you ever fancy a little peep! Im off to find you on Instagram ;)



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