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Work in progress...

Firstly THANK YOU for all your positive and wonderful comments about the boys bedroom.  Gosh I wasn't expecting that kind of response at all!  It has been a right old slog getting it done (and it's not even finished properly - wood trims needs a lick of paint and so does the door).  BUT it is looking a whole world better.  I can walk in there now and feel good rather than despair!  Plus I'm not bothered about who comes round for a play!!

So, on to today's news.  I am currently in the process of designing a new range of Greetings Cards. So I thought I'd show you one that is nearly finished.... Hare.  Hopefully the new cards shall be in the shop by the end of the week.  Hope you like them!


  1. I love that design. I love anything relating to nature and those colours. It would look great in a frame too!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. lovely lou! love his speed. agree with above comment, make a print too :-)

  3. Very sweet design. Love xo

  4. Gorgeous Lou - I agree, make a print too!

  5. This is lovely - i love anything with Hare's on, there's something about them.


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