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A portrait of my children  once a week, every week, in 2013  

Charlie:  A rare portrait of him eating some fruit.. he would live on Nutella on toast if he could.

Rufus: Enjoying this beautiful city at it's best, October sun and the water, blissful.  He wants to go canoeing.

The sun has shone so beautifully this weekend.  We are restored.  It never fails to amaze me the effect of the sun on our family.  We truly are Solar Powered.

Joining in with Jodi and her 52 portraits project.

P.S. Charlie is wearing a Star Top from Mini Boden.


  1. I want to go canoeing too! What a beautiful day.

  2. glad to hear you are restored, i was worried about you guys x

  3. Love that picture of Charlie - the light! x


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