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Folksy Summer School...

This was the Folksy Summer School 2013 from Folksy on Vimeo.

Earlier in the summer the good people at Folksy ran their very first Summer School - set in the woods near Sheffield, UK.  A beautiful weekend for crafters & designer / makers to get together, chat, make and learn new skills.  The line-up of speakers was impressive and a chance to learn that craft you've always wanted to try.

I was invited to come along - but sadly couldn't make it.  (Now I wish I had changed my plans!).  It looks like a thoroughly wonderful time was had by all.

Folksy, can I come next year?


  1. looks amazing .
    now I want to go

  2. does look great, what a sweet film. lovely camilla asked me to talk too but a) i was away and b) i would've been petrified! x

  3. It was amazing, wish you'd been there too x

  4. Oh my it looks divine x thanks for sharing x

  5. Can I come too, Lou!?!?! x


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