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Nature in the Home - Autumn / Winter Series...

Nature in the home is back!  Hurrah!
Oh how we've missed you.
A chance, once a week to appreciate the little wonders of nature, bring them home and enjoy them each week.  This term, we are in Autumn, a glorious time!  Plenty of nature's gifts to bring indoors.

This morning I put together this little display.  It didn't take much.  Just things from home, the garden and what I found on the walk back from School this morning.  Unripe blackberries from the wall of a derelict pub, the feather from a walk at the weekend, the cosmos flower from my front garden and the autumnal leaves from my crab apple.  Teamed with an autumnal plate, and a polaroid photograph of me as a nipper sitting in a pile of orange leaves.

A simple yet effective way to bring the season indoors, not a bunch of supermarket daffs insight!

So are you ready to join me?

This time, I would love you to all to think outside of the vase, and the bunches of tulips from the shops (yes they are cheerful, and do serve a purpose, but we can do more than that!).  Really use what is around us...

* Rosehips
* Seedheads
* Sprigs of herbs - rosemary, thyme
* Pumpkins and squashes
* Garlands of red, yellow & orange leaves - (see Decorators Notebook's photo)
* A nature table of treasures - arranged in a pretty way (see Oyster & Pearls post)
* Conkers or acorns strung up using bakers twine
* Use photos to set the mood - a touch of nostalgia

I have set up a Pinterest board with further inspiration - it's called Botanical.  Plenty of beautiful images there to wander through.

Also - another small change... the button.  If you'd like to have a button on your blog, to show you are taking part in our link up, then please feel free to grab it.

It is sized at 250px wide. Please head over here to find the code.  The old button is there too, if you prefer it.

Also - I will be instagramming my NITH each week using the hashtag #natureinthehome - so please do join me there.

So .... are you ready?
See you next Wednesday - exciting!


  1. Oh so very pretty on a gloomy Wednesday morning. I love this series and it's great to see it back, and I love that Polaroid of you - do I spy seventies dungarees? xx

    1. Ha yes, those are Knitted 70's dungarees. You should see the pics of me standing up, the nappy beneath is enormous! I might scan some of them in to show. x

  2. I agree, really pretty. I love old pics. I want to swipe some of my Father's old pics, they have that lovely hazy quality.

  3. What a wonderful photo. I'm hoping my technology problems are fixed by next week. Also that it stops raining.

  4. Simply beautiful.... Anita xo

  5. lovely! happy it's back.
    hoping to participate more regularly!

  6. Looking forward to it, something to brighten up the dark winter days! :)

  7. I loved watching you and other bloggers taking part in your nature in the home series and would love to join in x Penny

  8. Glad to hear the series is back, looking forward to it :)


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