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The month of colour - ochre, russet and red, the smell of the earth is all around us.  October is a time of gathering for the winter, wood, food - time to get your squirreling on!
This month Dan and I celebrate our anniversary 11 years... has it really been this long? It seems like only last year we met, of course it isn't, we have a nearly 8 year old son.  I still feel like that girl who met that boy, all those years ago.... I suppose we always shall be, just a boy and girl, together in this life of ours.

This October there is so much to do...
* Celebrating us
* Going back to Cornwall and staying in this beautiful place
* Handing back our beloved allotment... goodbye dear friend (we just don't have the time anymore)
* Watching Rufus become a Beaver
* Planting these and these in preparation for Spring
* Having many Sunday lunches with friends
* Choosing pumpkins for Halloween - and the annual carve will commence
* Having a woodland Halloween rumpus
* A spa day with a friend (can't wait!)
* Wood gathering for the store
* Foraging for Mushrooms - I must go on a proper course, I'm scared to eat them afters!
* Bringing out my Winter Woolies 
* Getting into art with the kids.

I've been collecting a little inspiration mood board for October over on Pinterest....


  1. Your October sounds very exciting and love your Pinterest October moodboard! xo

  2. I think October will be great! :-)

  3. I love October. My birthday (tomorrow actually), my eldest's birthday - he'll be ten, I can hardly believe it, the clocks going back to proper winter darkness and Hallowe'en. Wonderful. Your list looks pretty good too. Shame about the allotment, but I know what you mean. I may end up handing mine back too, although I hope not. I hope you all have a lovely month.

  4. I'm in! October ain't so bad... Love the look of that fig cake.

  5. I feel wriggling in my chair excited for what October will bring now. Thank you Lou for the inspiration. I feel a lot less drab on this soggy school run weekday evening. Bek x


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