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this weekend / half term week...

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And breathe out.....
I think most parents probably are doing this right now - a week off school, half term is here.
A week (10 days) of adventure, fun, relaxation, craft, cuddles and NO SCHOOL RUN.
Don't get me wrong, I do love having the days to myself, to work, potter, drink coffee with a friend. But, the school mornings, the remembering of kit, spelling practice, making packed lunches, reply slips, play ground politics and stroppy tantrums - I can do without!
This week - we are having smiles, good friends and laughter.

So this week you will find us:

* Learning about Atoms
* Getting our craft on 
* Learning to climb
* Digging the allotment
* Roman Day at the Museum
* Day spent with cousins
* Halloween party in the woods, followed by trick or treating
* Decorating the house - spooky
* Choosing the best pumpkin for carving
* Making these
* Spending the day with my oldest and dearest friend
* Picking sloes and making this

Lots of other things too - weather dependent!
Happy Half term - enjoy your week.


  1. Ohh exciting! Sounds like you have lots of fun things planned x

  2. sounds great, lots of lovely activities lined up! have a good one x

  3. Totally agree! It's so good to get a break from the school run and all the stress around it!! Hope you have a fab week, Jo xx

  4. What wonderful plans. We are looking forward to some adventuring here as well. I don't think a week will be long enough...

  5. Sounds great have fun. x


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