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This Weekend...

image via The Sweet Light
Friday has come around again.  This week has been a mixed bag with the weather, it seems to alternate a gloomy wet one and then a bright sunny.  I can live with that, knowing a sunny day is just around the corner.  
This weekend we are at home. The boys have separate parties (at the same time - yay!) on Saturday, which means Dan and I can sneak in an hour or so to ourselves.  Possibly lunch, more likely choosing paint.  That's fun for me, torture for Dan! But mostly we are home... enjoying time together.

So, this weekend you will find us / me:

* Choosing paint
* Digging over the allotment (after much talk, Charlie has convinced us to keep the allotment, I'm secretly pleased!)
* Drinking a cocktail or two with friends
* Having family fun at the last 'Make Sunday Special' of the year
* The boys will hopefully getting their creative juices flowing at this great art workshop for kids.
* Making and eating this with friends

So a family weekend - perfect.
Enjoy yours!


  1. I can't wait for this weekend. My husbad has an unusual proper weekend off (he runs a hotel) plus monday - so god times a plenty for us. SO excited. Yours sounds just lovely, too. Holly.x

  2. My boys insist on keeping my allotment too, which also has a little green shed funnily enough. They love it so much there, it's worth all the hard work. I do panic about it quite a lot though! Hope you all have a great weekend.

  3. Your weekend sounds lovely and the allotment, well yes I am sure you will have heaps of fun there. xo

  4. Happy weekend lady... love that shot so much. Have fun choosing paint (I remember many a weekend spent doing exactly that myself!) :)


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