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Decorating for Christmas / Winter...

Christmas lights & antlers -
Image via Pinterest
With just over a month til the big day, I am thinking of decorating the home.  You might remember my post about it last year, I can't 'officially' decorate until after the 14th December (Dan's Birthday) - so the tree, and major Christmas elving will happen then.

But for now I am trying to bring light into the home, a little Winter makeover to cosy the place up.  I love this image above.  Stag antlers, festooned with fairy lights.  In past years I've tried to source a set of antlers of my own, but the price is way outta my league, and for the rest of the year they might look out of place in my house.

So, I've been searching around for an alternative and discovered this brilliant cardboard stag head from Uncommon Goods.  Uncommon Goods is a Brooklyn based company with a great range of Christmas gift ideas. I am thinking that the cardboard stag head, draped in glowing lights will look pretty cute in the boys bedroom and can then be packed away in the Christmas box until next year. Perfect teamed with a couple of these little ply snowflake too!.

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  1. I'd love antlers too, but I know what you mean about the price. The cardboard one is great, although I quite liked the moose too.

  2. That stag head is awesome! So unique and quirky.

  3. I am just the same we don't decorate till the second weekend in Christmas and seeing I have some antlers, I might just have to do this, love! xoxo

  4. Morning, I saw this and thought of you,, paint on a red nose? Or do the decoupage thing with him. Anyway, hope you like him, have a good weekend, Katie x

  5. The stag antlers look gorgeous - I really want some - just waiting to find the perfect pair at the perfect price! :)


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