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A few weeks ago we spent a glorious weekend on the Helford River.  Crabbing mainly.  Drinking local beer and soaking up the Autumn sun.

We stayed at a beautiful barn in Constantine, just a stones throw away from the Helford.  Parking in Helford Passage we spent a leisurely lunchtime at the Ferry Boat Inn.  Platefuls of local mussels all washed down with local Tribute beer.  It was delicious and pretty perfect as the pubs terrace is right on the beach.  The boys dug in the sand and looked for hermit crabs in the rock pools.

The following day we took the ferry to the other side of the river to Helford itself.  Landing at the jetty to another gorgeous pub (are you seeing a theme there?) the Shipwright Arms.  Again gorgeous view, food and more crabbing was involved.  Charlie caught a personal best of 16 crabs!

The Helford and the Lizard Peninsular has many gorgeous places such as these.  By staying in the area and really exploring it makes a wonderful holiday.

Before leaving on Sunday we made a fleeting visit to Kynance Cove, even in the blustery Autumn weather it is still beautiful.  Every time I leave that place, I leave my heart on that beach.  We shall return.

For more information on stunning cottages and barns please have a look at Forever Cornwall - stuff of British holiday dreams!


  1. Looks like the ideal break. I miss Cornwall so much.

  2. Some fabulous photos and just such a beautiful place!! xo

  3. I'm definitely feeling the need for an autumn beach visit after reading this post x

  4. We spent some great holidays in the cottages behind the Ferryboat Inn when our kids where tiny. It is a fabulous area and your photo's brought back some great memories. There are a clutch of very famous rock and roll inhabitants that live there and hubby was starstruck when one of them put in an appearance in the pub one night! I love Cornwall so much. xxx


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