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Nature in the Home - Autumn / Winter week 5...

Film via Gardenista

Such a beautiful and simple idea. And something I cannot wait to try. I am thinking of one on my front door and another over the fireplace this Christmas.  

There are so many great tutorials and inspiration out there at the moment.  I feel there is a definitely movement in decorating homes with seasonal nature displays.  Displays can minimal, a simple bloom or branch in a vase or a full on riot of colour or swags of greenery around the door.

For more inspiration please have a look our group Pinterest Board.

What are you? Minimalist or Maximalist when it comes to your floral displays?

Last week there was such variety in contributions for Nature in the Home.  I loved Charmaine's Autumn bouquet, Penny's fabric wrapped stems, Karen's wreath and mantel display, Helen's gorgeous leaf wrapped lanterns.  In fact, I loved all the posts, thank you!

So how did we do this week?
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  1. I like the simplicity of that wreath. When it comes to wreaths, less is more. I like the sweater, too. I never knew dropped stitches could look so good. HA!

  2. Well that wreath made me want to be all minimal and sophisticated but Lottie's acord cups make me want to break out the maximalist side of me. Usual crazy mix for me then!

  3. It looks so simple and delicate, usually wreaths have lots of things on it, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Lou, I'll be coming back for this clip soon to make my own, surely it can't be that easy! Missing my Nature in the Home now I'm working more, I'll keep my eyes peeled this weekend for something interesting. (what a funny expression that is!). katie x


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