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Nature in the Home - Autumn/Winter term, week 4...

On Sunday, we took a walk around the Plantation Walk at Tyntesfield Estate.  The weather was so beautiful wasn't it? I found some greenery and Rosehips for this weeks Nature in the Home.  Once home, I set to making this little mini wreath.

What I used:
* Small embroidery hoop - approx 10cm width
* Bakers twine
* Scissors
* Green floristry wire (not shown)
* Ivy flower heads
* Rosehips
* Yew leaves (I think it is Yew, or a version of, found on the Estate).

I started by trimming all the excess leaves from the Rosehips and Ivy flowers.  Then using short lengths of wire tie in the greenery.  I like to keep the direction of the leaves to flow the same way.

Add the Rosehips and Ivy in the same way.  Add the Bakers Twine to the top.  And hang.

Perfect for Autumn and even more perfect for Christmas!  There I said it!!
Have fun!

Over to you...


  1. That's very beautiful Lou. x

  2. So gorgeous, Lou! x

  3. The C word in November, gasp! Beautiful wreath, and it sounds like a lovely walk. I haven't visited Tyntesfield yet, but it's definitely on my list of places to go soon.

  4. So simple and so striking for the season x

  5. This is so beautiful, and yes it's perfect for Xmas or for a present x

  6. Wish I were that creative - it's lovely.

  7. you're a crafty minx if ever there was one :-)

  8. loveee this!
    i'm thinking it would also look cute around the base of a pillar candle.
    even more perfect for christmas, i agree! x

  9. this is lovely Lou. I love rose hips, such a gorgeous bright winter red x

  10. beautiful Lou! I'm definitely doing this!

  11. The embroidery hoop is such a clever idea! I have a few of those stashed away, think I might have to give this a try. Love the rosehips. Laura x

  12. What a sweet bit of gorgeousness. I too use embroidery hoops for wreaths, they make such a lovely solid base. I love what you've done with yours :)

  13. Cuteness! I will join in again soon, I promise! x

  14. Yours is a vast improvement on my effort - must try harder ;)
    Love the colours.
    Sarah x

  15. This is lovely, so simple and dainty!


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