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A portrait of my children  once a week, every week, in 2013  

Charlie and Rufus: The first group 52 of the year!  With only 2 weeks to go, I think I can get away with it as it's such a cute shot.  Taken on the Santa Cycle ride last weekend.  Boys were all smile for the Sustrans camera. Show offs! 

Rufus has just come downstairs to join me on the sofa, it's nearly time for my bed.  Complaining of an ear ache. And so the winter illnesses begin.  I though we'd got away with it, but no, 4 days til the end of term and tomorrow looks like a day on the sofa with his mummy.  Ho hum. (like I don't have millions of things to do tomorrow!)

Joining in with Jodi and her 52 portraits project.


  1. What a great fun shot !

  2. Sweet brothers. I love this festive shot, Lou.

    Every time I sigh that we have a hot, beachy Christmas (which still just doesn't feel right!), I consider the depths of winter and straight back to school just after Christmas and I look forward to the summer holidays and the Aussie Christmas again. Hope the boy's cold are only minor. x

  3. This is a wonderful, wonderful shot. I'm thinking I maybe need to wrap some presents before one of mine is off sick and curtails operations here. Hope Rufus is better now.

  4. Such a lovely picture Lou. I can truly sympathise how Rufus is feeling - I do hope he feels better soon. I keep thinking rather this week then next...we've had our fair share of lurgies over the years at Christmas time.

    Nina x

  5. gorgeous pic lou. x


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