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Making room for Christmas guests...

Argos Habitat range
I love Christmas, the sparkle & magic.  I love decorating the home, making it special for family and friends to visit.  This year we have family staying (it’s a first for me).  Our home is tiny, but we are planning to turn my studio into a guest room.  At the moment it just has my desk, storage, printer etc.  I have just enough room to squeeze in a sofa bed.  And as I shall be cooking Christmas dinner I need a bigger dining table and extra chairs too.

I recently discovered that Argos does a range of Habitat furniture. All beautifully designed as you would expect from Habitat, but easy to buy through Argos. Habitat does a great range of sofa beds, perfect for my needs. Dual purpose, a nice place to sit with a cuppa during a break, and comfy for my family to sleep on too. The shelving unit will add much needed storage space, plus a place for guests to put away their belongings. 

For the dining area, I need to seat 4 extra people. I am loving the ply chair, a couple of those and a few of the fold ups, will make room around the pretty fold up table. And those nesting side tables will give everyone a place to put their sherry when watching the Queen’s Speech. 

Yes, this lot will suit me and any overnight guest, plus they are super stylish too.  I just now need to get my head around cooking the Turkey! Any tips? 

Argos have a large range of furniture available to buy here.

This post is in association with Argos.


  1. I've sorted the presents, I've mostly sorted the menu, I've decorated the tree, I've strung the lights but I STILL can't figure out where we're going to put everyone on Christmas Eve / night. The bed-tetris game is just so hard!! x

  2. Oh that sofa bed. If I hadn't just bought one that would be high on my list. Sadly, our new one will not be here for Christmas so I will be sleeping on cushions on the floor when our guests arrive.

  3. OOh I do love Habitat furniture, I swear half the flat is from there x

  4. I miss Habitat on the high street. :(

  5. Great to know, but still very pricey!


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