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Nature in the Home - Christmas week 1

I'm a bit annoyed this morning.  I bought some ruby red sprigs of winter Ilex from the florist especially for this post.  Arranged them beautifully, and as it's such a grey day I have candles lit, and the whole thing looks wonderful.  BUT my camera has run out of battery and I can't find the flipping charger!!! It's not where I left it (in the messy crap drawer in the Kitchen!) GRRRRR

So, here is an image of the Ilex I bought last Christmas.  Same, same but different. I do love Ilex.  The berries stay on forever.  This particular bunch lasted for over a month without the berries dropping off. Value for money, I like that.

Edit - I found the charger!  Here is the right image:

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Anyway, enough of me ranting.  How did you?  Last week I set the task for the four weeks running up to Christmas...

Week 1 - A table centre piece (a jar of greenery, a simple sprig?)
Week 2 - Garlands, something for the wall.
Week 3 - Wreath (indoors or Outdoors)
Week 4 - The Tree!

Week 1 of Christmas Nature in the Home, home... excited!  Please # your instagrams and twitter with #natureinthehome so we can all find it.  And remember to pin your creation to the pinboard too!

Don't forget, if you have made a super cute Advent Calendar, please add it to my advent link up.


  1. Sounds like a solid plan. Beautiful image and yes very annoying when you can't locate the charger, I have the same problem with my SLR and have still not located it! xoxo

  2. I have a messy crap drawer with chargers in it too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one charger could be used for everything? Mine always get tangled up with each other and with the rest of the messy crap as well. Hope yours turns up soon, it does sound pretty at yours. I have made a little arrangement of things, but I don't have it on my blog yet. Sigh. I'll get to it...

  3. I haven't done anything for nature in the home yet - I will definitely do the wreath week though. I just wanted to say the bit about the messy crap drawer made with chuckle!

  4. That Ilex is just beautiful! I could use some pops of red around here.

    Thank you so much for this link up .... I've been so inspired to find new, creative ways to bring nature into my home and I'm loving it!

  5. Love the ilex! Good to know it lasts, too... may have to treat myself. I almost bought some pussy willow stems today - I got some last spring and they lasted for months.
    Sarah x

  6. I adore ilex too! Gorgeous pics Lou :)

    I've cheated slightly ... my mistletoe is going to be made into a table centre, among other things, but at the moment it's just a bunch of mistletoe ... it was photographed in the middle of the table though ;)

  7. Oh Lou, I love, love, love the second picture. So pretty and festive and homely and chic...and colour co-ordinated! Gorgeous. x

  8. Never knew it was called Ilex! Looks beautiful - and so good in the second shot with the candle. I might have to hunt some out x

  9. So pretty..

    It's not usually camera charge being the issue for me, but a full memory card!

  10. Simple and perfect, Lou. x

  11. Lovely Lou! I hope I find a little time for this challenge over the weekend.

  12. I have a messy crap drawer in the kitchen too. I like to think all the best homes do. Love the ilex bottle and candle holder - such pleasing forms! Glad you found the charger, the picture is lovely.

  13. Your photograph is stunning - I absolutely love the lighting. And I'll be buying some Ilex for our home too – so striking.


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