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this weekend...

It has been a long old week for me.  Running around, ferrying my kids to something or other. Doctors appointments.  Checking in with family.  Exercising (more about this another time).  I am cream crackered!  You know when the alarm goes off in the morning and just for a second you race through your mind thinking, is it Saturday?  Only to find it isn't.  Yes, it's happened to me every day this week.  Ah well, tomorrow is Saturday! YEAH!

This weekend...
* I am off on a trip to London to see some lovely friends.  Shopping, eating and chatting - more on this later.
* Visiting Lambs Conduit and a shop in this store.
* Sunday - wild time.  Hopefully hanging with some blogging babes in the woods.

Two days of contrast.  I can't wait to get back to London, it's been too long.
Have a great weekend!
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  1. London sounds fab - especially the shopping/chatting part..! :-)

  2. We are planning a British Museum trip next weekend. Think I could slip away for a few minutes (hours!)?

  3. Love the shot, Lou. I hope things settle down for you. A little wild time in the woods sounds necessary! x

  4. Can't wait! (well, I shan't have to much longer)

  5. Hope you have a fabulous time in London. It's pretty chilly here, please bring some sunshine with you ;)

  6. have a wonderful weekend...oh and Leanne's blog looks wonderful! You are so clever xxxx

  7. Sounds like a fantastic weekend Lou, I hope you enjoy it.


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