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Image via Rackk & Ruin
February be gone!  It's seriously winning in the winter battle with me at the moment. I'm not very good with Winter, I do try, every year to like it.  It just doesn't like me.  I think half a decade of sun worshiping has changed my DNA.  But whilst breathing deeply I am looking forward to spring, warmer times, dry weather and bare feet!  BARE FEET!!!  

I love the style of Kate Brien.  Her home is pretty much perfect, the sideboard, record player, mismatched everything.  BUT it's the little vest and sarong combo that is making me yearn for foreign road trips.  

Missing my pal Carmen, and her South African manner.  Shouting Lekker every five minutes and exclaiming 'you must be off your pip!' to everyone she meets.  Babe I need a trip up the coast to Transkei:)


  1. that is an awesome skirt!

  2. Feb is the hardest month.... nearly over though and then onwards to spring.
    All the rain has been hard.
    Dreaming of summer too....

  3. Loving everything about that outfit and home styling. Goodness me I need to rethink my decorating choices

  4. Yep, plus she's gorgeous which doesn't exactly hurt! And spring is near, I can feel it in my bones.

  5. Sounds like the perfect sef effrican expressions. It sure is a very lekker image too, love it! xoxo

  6. I'm totally loving this whole look and home, wonder whether I can rock this look ;) x


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