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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Charlie: His hair is getting so long... he won't let me cut it. Stating that he likes it like this. 

Rufus:  Enjoying a lamb burger with mint & feta pesto. It was delicious.  The first time I've seen him happily eat salad too!

Both of these images were taken at our local annual arts trail. What a weekend. The UK has had some glorious weather, and our neighbourhood never looked so good in the sunshine.  People were out having a great time, visiting homes, viewing art, live music, great street food, a real festival feel.  Good ole Bristol! I love living here.


  1. Love the first pic! :-)

  2. Both brilliant pics but that top one is such a happy shot. Perfect


  3. fantastic
    x's two


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