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The month of colour – ochre, russet and red, the smell of the earth is all around us.  I always feel that these beautiful October days is the perfect time for preparing for the Winter.  Cosying up the home, layering of rugs and bringing out your thick duvet.  If you have an open fire or log burner, sourcing a supply of logs.

It’s also harvest time – storing food, making jams. Go apple picking in a local orchard, many have open days at this time of year. But for me nothing says Autumn like the Squash/Pumpkin does.  I love to buy from our local green grocers at this time of year.  They have many great varieties on sale and can be stored in a cool, dry place for up 5 months!  Guaranteeing gorgeous winter stews and soups right up until Spring. (remember to check them over regularly, as they can begin to rot, use these first!).

This month Dan and I celebrate 12 years together … has it really been this long? It seems like only last year we met, of course it isn’t, we have a nearly 9 year old son.  I still feel like that girl who met that boy, all those years ago…. I suppose we always shall be, just a boy and girl, together in this life of ours.
This October there is so much to do…
* Celebrating us 
* Planting these and these in preparation for Spring
* Making this cake
* Choosing pumpkins for Halloween – and the annual carve will commence
* Wood gathering for the store
* Foraging for Mushrooms – I must go on a proper course, I’m scared to eat them afters!
* Bringing out my Winter Woollys 
I’ve been collecting a little inspiration mood board for October over on Pinterest….

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