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I love tea!  There I said it.  Mind you who doesn’t?  A good brew is reviving, comforting and good for you too.  Whether you are a fan of Earl Grey, Green or fruit, there is a flavour of tea out there for everyone.
Dan and I love to take a flask of hot water, a couple of enamel mugs and some tea bags out with us on a walk.  Sitting down in the woods for a little picnic. Tea, a couple of chocolate biscuits and we are happy.  The boys run wild making dens, whilst we sip, chat and whittle a spoon listening to the sounds of the trees.
Recently, Dorset Tea sent us a pack of their new teas – flavours included: Blackberry Syllabub, Foraged Fruits, Strawberries and Cream, Wild About Mint, Green Tea with Sunshine Lemon, Pure Green Tea, Cool Camomile and a unique herbal earl grey called The Earl of Dorset.
As a green tea fan, I fell in love with their green tea packs.  Fresh, light and perfect for any time of day.  Dan is addicted to the Earl of Dorset.  It has a really unique scent, slightly herbal yet orangey – very beautiful.
Dorset Tea are kindly offering one Littlegreenshed reader a chance to win a selection of tea (8 boxes in total, see above), a Dorset Tea flask and a Dorset Tea enamel mug – perfect for picnics and adventuring.  All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is complete the little rafflecopter widget below.
Winner will be announced on Tuesday 27th January.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dorset Tea sent me a selection of their products to review.  All words, views and opinions are my own.


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  • Natalie Crossan

    love the sound of earl of dorset xx

  • Jaime Hyland

    Earl of Dorset!

  • Angie Poulding

    I would like to try Earl of Dorset, but they all look lovely. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Blackberry Syllabub sounds nice

  • Aimee Wright

    Golden blend :)

  • Dorset Breakfast

  • Melissa Red

    Earl of Dorset

  • Emma H

    Earl grey

  • Patricia Avery

    I think I’m addicted to Green Tea. Can’t get through the day without it :)

  • Veronica Lopez-Smith

    Vanilla! First talked to my now husband over a cup of vanilla tea in a hostel far far away. So I am biased.

  • I love green tea but earl of dorset sounds very grand

  • Barbara Handley

    Wild Mint

  • Jen Cooper

    Earl of Dorset sounds lovely ☕️

  • Alison Drew

    Dorset Breakfast for me :)

  • Maria Jane Knight

    The FORAGED FRUITS tea sounds amazing!!!! Now that i would love to try x

  • Tim Millington

    Earl of Dorset

  • Stephanie Whitehouse

    Can’t find any way to follow you on GFC – do you have a link?

  • Stephanie Whitehouse
  • Liz Marriott

    Vanilla – a real treat

  • Lila Taylor

    Breakfast blend is lovely

  • Saran Benjamin

    Earl of Dorset sounds my cup of tea

  • Jacqui

    Blackberry Syllabub and Foraged Fruits sound delicious!

  • Jamie Millard

    golden blend, all the way.

  • Karen R

    I’d love to try the Strawberries and Cream :)

  • Gillian Hutchison

    Golden blend for me :)

  • kasza

    Earl of Dorset

  • Christine Constable

    Earl of Dorset

  • moonray

    Deffo Earl of Dorset for me ;-) xx (Laura Jeffs)

  • liz

    I’ve never tried Dorset Tea, but I love the sound of the mint flavour. Ideal for after dinner!

  • Kath Webber

    I have never tried Dorset Tea! My friend Amy raves about it. We talk a tea. A LOT. Anyway, I rather like the sound of that slightly wayward Earl. Yum!

  • Emily Beeson

    The strawberries and cream and mint teas sound super fresh and lovely. I’d love to try both! x

  • Pauline Hill

    english breakfast

  • jodie crossley

    the earl of dorset sounds lovely

  • The golden blend – I’m simple but fussy with my tea

  • Emma Walters

    i love their gold blend

  • Jackie ONeill

    normally just English Breakfast but would love to try the Earl of Dorset

  • Elaine Savage

    Decaff Blend for me

  • the reading hausfrau

    Would they send this to Germany, I wonder… Because I think I’m Wild about Mint.

  • Sheepskins fairylights

    Great giveaway. I love tea with ginger & lemon! Ooohhh & a spicy Chai! X

  • Michelle Huddleston

    Sounds perfect, and I already follow you on Bloglovin’

  • Csilla Kontig

    Strawberry and cream is a lovely combination

  • Kristy Brown

    Wild About Mint sounds fantastic

  • Corinna Mazzotta

    Love the sound of the Earl of Dorset as Earl Grey is my favourite tea. Must try and find this somewhere local. Thanks for the giveaway too. :-)

  • Zoe G

    The Cool Camomile

  • Deborah Gilbert

    Blackberry sylabub is a favourite

  • mummy24

    Earl of Dorset !


  • barbara daniels

    english breakfast please.x

  • Emma Nixon

    Usually drink regular decaf tea but the earl of Dorset sounds worth a try

  • Celia H-Wilkinson

    Earl of Dorset for me!

  • Tracey Peach

    My favourite tea flavour is builders tea xxx

  • Vickie Jackson

    Blackberry syllabub sounds divine

  • buchanl

    Earl of Dorset

    Lynsey Buchanan

  • JodieBR

    As an EG fan, earl of Dorset sounds v promising! X

  • Gill

    I like green tea but I’d like to try the Earl of Dorset tea!

  • laura banks

    the wild mint

  • sylvia

    Sounds yummy!

  • Sarah

    I’m intrigued by the Earl of Dorset, but I usually drink rooibos or green tea! Thanks!

  • Pip Warford

    following on IG and Bloglovin! what a deliciously cute mug! xo

  • driftwood

    oh that sounds like a lovely selection x

  • 76 sunflowers

    So….Earl of Dorset could be a winner although I’m tempted by the Wild Mint :)

  • 76 sunflowers

    You had me with ‘tea’ in your title- absolutely love the stuff! I’m trying to wean myself off the caffeinated stuff so the herbal Earl Grey sounds very interesting! Love the mug, need one of those for camping trips. Love your coat BTW :)

  • Lisa-Marie

    The Earl of Dorset sounds lovely. Also quite intrihues by BlackBerry sylabub!