Nature in the Home – a weekly pick…

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Image by @eloeil

Hello!  Apologies for the delay in bring you this weeks #natureinthehome weekly favourite.  I’ve been doing some behind the scenes tech stuff.  Hope you are liking the new look blog.  I’ve transferred the blog over from Blogger to WordPress, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, it gives me a little more control over Littlegreenshed.

Anyway, this weeks favourite image belongs to @eloeil.  I adore this image, that copper vase, the muted shades of the ranunculas, how seasonal it is.  Simple, and beautiful.

Thank you to everyone who joins me weekly over on Instagram, I adore this little project so much! This weeks #natureinthehome8 can be seen over on IG.

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  • Lou it’s very pretty and elegant. Congrats. I would expect nothing less from your stylish self. But please oh please can the ads by unisales go away? The pop up violators adverts and the block caps and the random content from round the web are totally harshing your beautiful buzz.

    • Hi Lizzie
      I’ve looked into this and it’s not on my blog. Apparently its a setting on your browser. On firefox, chrome and internet explorer you can turn off Unisales and google ads from appearing on sites. Thanks for the heads up though! I hate those horrible ads too. Hope this helps :) x

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