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Nature in the home. Littlegreenshed blog.
Beautiful hallway & display by Katy @aptapothecary
Hello, hello!
And welcome to the first #natureinthehome of 2015!  Now in it’s 3rd full year, I started this little project back in August 2012, when I shared my love of plants and flowers in an interiors setting.  So it only feels fit that I start this year off with the most beautiful display by my lovely friend Katy of Apartment Apothecary.
Katy has such a gift when comes to styling and interiors, she must do, as she has even won an award recently!  Katy’s apartment in London has been slowly (actually quite fast compared to my own DIY renovations), into a stunning light filled space.
I love this image.  I could pick the whole thing up and transport it into my home.  The vintage table, the beautifully placed treasures.  That glass bottle with the floral branches – SWOON!  The vintage coat hooks – I love it ALL.
If you hop over to Katy’s blog you can see the whole hallway transformation and the ridiculously awesome photography by the amazing Katharine Peachey too.
Thank you to everyone who joins me with my weekly project – it is an absolutely joy to see all of your beautifully styled images popping up on Instagram.  We have entered 2015 with over 4,000 entries under the hashtag #natureinthehome – WOW!
This weeks #natureinthehome8 collection is particularly beautiful….
Nature in the home weekly grid. Littlegreenshed blog.


  • Eeeee! I’m blown away by your super kind words, Lou! Thank you so, so much xxxx

  • Beautiful pick Lou! It’s a gorgeous photo. And rings true to nature in the home. The beautiful flowers and vase displayed in a very pretty hallway. Happy New Year, Bee xx

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