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Travel, Littlegreenshed blog, fuerteventuraWe are beyond excited in this household. On Wednesday we are flying to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, for a week of winter sun.  OMG!  Seriously, we cannot wait.

We are super lucky to be one of First Choice Holidays blogging brand ambassadors, yes I keep having to pinch myself!  They are sending us to a lovely hotel on the south coast of the Island, over looking a beautiful beach.  PALM TREES!

travel, Spain, Littlegreenshed
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We are planning, to swim, eat, explore and soak up those gorgeous sunny rays.  I don’t want to be really annoying and bore you all silly with it, but if you do want to follow our holiday adventures check out my Instagram feed.

What makes this holiday extra special, is that this will be the boys first time on a plane and the first time they have left the country.  HUGE excitement.

Up until six months ago, Rufus thought that leaving Bristol was leaving the country.  He thought Cornwall was foreign!  It will blow his mind being on the plane.

We cannot wait!!!

  • You’re welcome Lou. Just don’t forget to squirrel away a couple of lollies for the return journey! :-)

  • A suggestion from a Mum who has flown with small people before – get them to pack a rucksack with their choice of things to keep them amused (cards, books, colouring, I-Spy at the Airport book etc.) and give it to them as their hand luggage, then they can choose to do whatever they want, when they get fed up. Works a treat. Plus take some sort of lolly for them to suck during take off – helps with the ear popping problem!
    Have a great time & think of those of us still on the school run! :-)

    • Hi Corinna, Thank you for your comment. Brilliant suggestions. We are doing all of this now. xx

  • Wow! This looks amazing. Have a wonderful time.

    I look forward to hearing more about where your holiday is and what your adventures entail. It looks like an interesting landscape so the right balance of beach and boyhood. Enjoy! x

  • That’s so blooming exciting! And amazing.
    It’ll be an amazing experience for them I’m sure!
    Eeek! I might be a teeeeny bit jealous ;)

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