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January always has me thinking of the year ahead, I am sure it does that for most of us. Making plans, new adventures, places to explore. As a family we LOVE an adventure, be it climbing the nearest hill or wading up stream through reeds and marshes.

One adventure we haven’t taken as a family is travelling abroad, and in 2015 we are hoping to do something about it. I’ve already applied for passports for us, and hope to use them! Oh the places to go! The hot beaches of Spain, the ice covered Scandinavian North, the rolling hills of deep France. Or to visit far flung tropical rainforests, see monkeys and visit temples of the Far East.
I travelled for years and years in my twenty’s. Visiting many wonderful and obscure countries, from Fiji in the South Pacific to the Sinai desert in the Middle East and lots of countries in between. Since returning from India back in 2001 I haven’t been abroad…. and I can tell you my feet have some serious itch!
So, here’s to many an adventure for the coming year…. world we are coming for you!
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  • I can’t imagine not have travelling for so long. But your sense of daily adventure must be a great gift to have satisfied your travel lust for so long. Hope your passports come through quickly and you can plan an adventure abroad soon.

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