A Welsh trip to meet Five Boys Clothing..


When my lovely friend Sophia invited us to spend a day at her parents home in Wales, we leapt at the chance.  A beautifully restored old farmhouse set against the mountains near Abergavenny we knew we would love it.


Driving down the dirt covered track following sat nav, so sure we were lost, suddenly we see this amazing grey stone house on the horizon.  Large, imposing and full of magic.  Sophia, her three beautiful boys and her parents made us so welcome.  Sitting around the huge wooden dining table in the kitchen we cuddled the dogs, chatted and felt completely at home.

The house itself was amazing.  I only wish I took more photos (I hope to go back soon and photograph it).  Walls and wood work painted in greens and blues.  Filled with family heirlooms, art work by family members and treasures whilst travelling abroad.  I fell in love.

shedAfter lunch we had a tour around the garden by Sophia’s father.  Who showed us his own hand planted arboretum, trees which he has carefully chosen from the Southern hemisphere and China.  A real plants man and a delight to hear his stories.

wooded boys

The boys ran around the garden, climbing trees, in and out of the barns and having a wild time. Later we took the dogs for a walk along the stream and into the fields surrounding the house.  Feeling so completely at home and wished we could have stayed longer.


Sophia owns an on-line clothes shop for boys (being a mother of three boys) she found it increasingly difficult to buy good quality and beautiful clothes for her sons.  Teaming with her school friend, who has two boys making the total to five – they opened the shop Five Boys Clothing.  Go check it out.

I am hoping to go back in Spring and take some photos of our boys in the house… watch this space.



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