Fuerteventura, Part Two – the Beach…

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On this grey February I am wishing I was standing here again.  Beautiful isn’t it.  This glorious white sandy beach was just a few steps down from the hotel, Club Magic Life.  Magic is definitely the word.

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For the boys, this was their first taste of foreign seas.  Warmish water, white sands and brilliant sunshine.  They frolicked in the surf, high fiving each other, inventing crazy games of zombie catching.  All the while giggling with excitement and shear exhilaration.

This beach, is the beach of dreams. Pure, clean, white, with a constant rolling surf.  The wind is a little strong, but hey Fuerteventura is the windsurf capital of the world.  I chose to ignore the the constant battering  and embrace it’s powerful spirit.

Being January, the weather wasn’t quite perfect for bathers, well for me anyway.  So I was content on paddling, beach combing and wave watching.  What an epic beach to do just that.  First Choice Holidays have really picked a brilliant spot to experience the very best of Fuerteventura, this beach is one of the best on the island.

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The South of the island, the beaches are white.  Sands apparently blown in from the Sahara across the ocean and deposited here.  On the North West side of the island the beach are as black as coal, such a strange contrast.

Being a volcanic island the beach was strewn with large black volcanic rock.  So light to pick up, and pitted with holes.

Our beach will always be in my heart.  Beautiful, dramatic and wild.  Take me back there!


We were sent to Fuerteventura by First Choice Holidays as part of their #allyoucan campaign.

You can see my images as well as the other bloggers involved over on their blog.

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