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My home is full of vintage items, collected treasures, plants and books.  Boxes of Lego, wooden blocks, hex bugs and train track. Far too many wine glasses, a stock pile of marmalade in the larder (in case of Armageddon) and we collect a fair amount of fluff and dust too.

But if I was to lose this all, if god forbid there was a fire, what would I save.  My family are safe, that is a given.  So what would I grab on my way out, what would I miss?  More Than Insurance have posed me this question, what three items would I grab.

First, my phone.  Sad but true.  I feel lost without it.  It holds everything in my life, contacts, diary, photographs – the key to my world.

Secondly, my camera.  I love my camera, in fact I love Dan’s camera too. His old Canon SLR which he used whilst completing his photography A level.  With this beauty he shot New York at the tender age of 18. Later he documented the birth of Charlie with it, so there is a lot of history in this camera and I’d have to grab that.

Thirdly, I have two vintage dresses in my wardrobe.  Both are my Grandmothers.  One a beautiful black and white checked 1950’s full skirted dress, like something straight out of Mad Men. The second is a white, fringed swing dress from the 1960’s.  Both I’d love to wear, both are sized minute.  They are hers and I shall cherish them forever.

What would you save?  More importantly what would you insure?

This post is sponsored by More Than Insurance, all words and opinions are my own.



  • I would have to save:
    1) My laptop :: it has all our photos on it which are so treasured.
    2) A box of memories of my late sister
    3) A knitted blanket that my gran made for Jack ♥

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