Morning rituals – a moment of peace…

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I’m not a natural morning person, most mornings it takes great effort for me to leave the warm comfort of my bed. As much as I love lying there, I dislike the rush and frantic nature of the school run that occurs if I do rise late.

Recently I’ve been getting up early, before the boys wake, to enjoy a cup of tea in peace.  I am beginning to relish this time sitting at my dining table, in the early light, sipping a cup of green tea. Having lighter mornings as we approach Spring is helping too.  I spend this precious time writing lists and planning the day ahead.

Working from home can sometimes be a blessing and a bind.  Days spent being your own boss, managing your own time and juggling that work/life balance can sometimes become blurred. My working day is quite short, like most working mums it is sandwiched between morning drop off and pick up (9.30am – 3pm).  During this time I work on my freelance deadlines, style a few lifestyle shots, have meetings and write this blog.

I also have to fit in food shopping, house keeping and lunch (!?).  So rising early in the morning, ticking off a few emails, writing a couple of blog posts and planning my day is worth its weight in gold.  Some where I must fit in exercise!  How?  Being a writer is quite a sedentary job.  I love running, but at the moment find it hard to fit in.  It will come I am sure, once the days start getting longer and I can pop out after Dan returns home in the evening.

Right now, I’m enjoying this small slice of solitude, before the madness of the school run descends.   How long it will last, this early morning productivity, who knows?

Tell me, are you a morning person?

  • I am a morning person at weekend when I wake naturally…..During the week the choice is taken from me by my hideous alarm clock!

  • I’m definitely not an early morning person, anything before 8am seems like a struggle. I think we all have natural body clocks. I’m sure I have inherited mine from my mum who is also much more of a night owl and my kids are also not really morning people. They never really woke before 7am, even when they were babies.
    I wish we could follow our natural rhythms a bit more rather than imposed clocks and time systems

  • Yes I’m a morning person…these cold dark mornings are a bit of a challenge but in the summer I’ve been known to be out in the garden by 5am, the thing is my youngest is a morning person too so I’m rarely on my own, oh and she is a non-stop talker, so it’s not always quiet either! ;) xxx

  • I am very much a morning person. I prefer to be up sipping my tea before the sun is up. It’s quiet. I can think. I can make the difficult choices and plans. I can dream.

  • I’m reading a great book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. There are various aspects of life that she writes how to manage time to bring happiness for you and family but going to bed a bit earlier was something she noted plus plugging out all devices as down time.

  • Snap! As a freelancing Mama your words ring very true with me … Am not a morning person either but I jigged my routine this week & am climbing out of bed & onto the static bike first thing! From this perch I’m connecting with my IG & the back catalogue of Desert Islamd Discs before my yoga stretch out. Hoping to keep this up as it’s so energising – like your morning time – it’s snatched & precious! X

  • Urgh, I’m such a rubbish morning person. I’m just up, off and out the door, which is no real way to start the day but I’m so impatient!

    I’d like to try and get better at this and while I’ve given up caffeine, I do find that herbal teas – like rosebud- are greatly refreshing and so pretty, too.

    Hoorah for pretty things and moments of peace, xxx

  • I wrote a post on waking early quite recently – I am a morning person and always have been but I’d got out of the habit and missed having time to myself to prepare for the day ahead. 5.30-5.40 has been my wake-up time for a couple of weeks again now and I’m still going strong!

  • I’m definitely a morning person, I have so much good and productive energy in the morning. After lunch it is all just gone. It is hard to get out of bed when it’s cold though. In the summer it’s fine, I’m easily up between 5.30 and 6.30 after six or seven hours sleep, in winter I like to hibernate a bit more. CJ xx

  • I would love to be a morning person! If I do manage to crawl out of bed early I’m so grateful for the extra time on my own to watch the day begin, and I especially like going out early, before everyone else is up. However…I’m fairly hopeless at it, and the warmth the bed often holds me there for longer than I should stay! x

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