Carpets or floor boards?


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So, we have swapped rooms. Finally!  The boys are safely nestled in their beautifully decorated attic room, and we are in the master bedroom, which is not so beautiful.  The whole room needs re-painting, the walls are tired, full of cracks to be filled (the beauty of old houses!) and then there is the floor issue.

The floors are bare painted floorboards, which over the past five years, have become grotty and tired. We are having a flooring dilemma, to repaint (which would mean sanding and dust!) or do we carpet over it?

Our home throughout has stripped floors, some painted and some bare with a waxed finish, which looks good and the wipe clean style is great for small kids.  But I’m now thinking I’d quite like the feeling of soft carpet under foot as I step out of bed in the morning.  Something soft, luxurious and warm.

I’ve been looking at carpets on-line and love the idea of thick woollen pile, in creamy shades or perhaps going for something dramatic with a stripe.  Or there is the timeless and hard wearing natural jute.  Decision, decisions!  I can never make one!!

Help?  What would you do? Carpet (if so which) or paint the floor boards white?

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  • I had wooden floorboards a walnut color and painted them in white. As they get scuffed, look like driftwood giving a summer cottage vibe. Cleaning is easy as just mop with a mix of bleach added to water. In the summer, it looks beach like. In the winter, the white floor radiates a brightness which the walnut wood cool would not have.
    I have a natural color sisal rug in a room which is easy to vacuum but floor to floor carpeting sounds 70’s or 80’s era unless it’s something from the rug company or an old kilim but after a while, I still find a wooden floor tops everything.

  • I would go for wooden floor, its so naturally beautiful. (and easy to keep clean as well).
    For that warm luxurious feeling, suede slippers will do the job ;)
    Cant wait to see the finished room too!! xx

    • I love reading your blog. I would put down lovely carpet from wall to wall in wool. IT will last forever, the room will be warmer feeling especially in the winter. your bedroom should be wonderful for you and your mate and I look forward to seeing the finished outcome.

  • Katy beat me to it, I would have best of both, paint the floor boards and have a naturall sisal rug or runner to step out onto. I’m utterly rubbish at making a decision too but I am most definitely painting my bedroom grey now!

    Jane x

  • What about a hard floor with a beautiful rug? Or jute carpets are my favourite. So excited to see the room finished xx

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