Enchant – here and now…

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Image via Pintrest.

Right this moment, I want to be here, smelling this beautiful bloom.  Here and now…

Just lately I am drawn to moody, ethereal images.  Floral blooms, light and shade, and leafy plants.  I long for warm summer evenings, walking around at twilight with the heady scent of roses in the air.

Perhaps, a trip to Italy.  Walking around the gardens of an old ruin, sipping a glass of wine, before a late evening dip in the pool.  Sigh – I could dream like this all day, couldn’t you?  Who knows, perhaps this could happen, one day.

I discovered this beautiful quote the other day:

“There are times when I cannot believe I am separate from this earth, when I could swear the wind blows through me as it does the woven needles of the pine tree by the creek, when I feel my feet planted deep in the earth with the roots of trees and wildflowers, drawing essence.” ~ Cathy Johnson (hellanne: “ by Ekaterina Grigorieva ”)

Yes… exactly that.

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