Happy Birthday Littlegreenshed!

littlegreenshed five happy birthday
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I almost forgot!  I am five!  Five years of blogging… who’d a thought it?!

Happy Birthday dear love, I really do love blogging, I love writing, documenting, telling stories.  Blogging has changed my life, our life and made it so much richer.

I have met awesome people, had some incredible opportunities and worked for some amazing companies along the way.

The next five years, who knows?!  But I hope this will continue and get bigger and better in the future.  Dan has already stepped up to help me with sponsorship and admin side, so if you need any help there it’s best to email him on Danlittlegreenshed@gmail.com.  This frees me up to do more writing and creative stuff.  Speaking of creative stuff… there is something really rather wonderful in the pipeline, which I am itching to tell you about!  SOON!

Thank you all for being there for me over the past five years, it has been a blast and without your constant support and positivity I would have never have continued.

So thank you!  And happy birthday!

Off to eat cake…


  • Happy birthday! I love your blog, it’s truly inspiring. I hope you continue to enjoy Writing it as much as we enjoy reading it!

  • Happy blog birthday!! It’s wonderful to watch all the amazing things evolving out of this space and your creativity – High fives!! xxx

  • Happy birthday Littlegreenshed – your was one of the first blogs I found and I have loved following all your adventures in life x

  • Happy 5th Blog Birthday!!!! You do a wonderful job – thank you for your efforts! Enjoy your weekend x

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