The Regal Pelargonium – House plant for March

House plant of the month - the pelargonium.  Makes the perfect mothers day gift.  Littlegreenshedblog.

Each month I hope to share with you a house plant a month. To share a little about it, it’s beauty and how to care for it.  This month it is the pretty Regal Pelargonium.

Identied by its large colourful flowers, the Regal Pelargonium brings a colourful style to any room. The various hues of palest pink to bright magenta, makes this plant a beautiful addition to all areas of the home.  What’s more, its vivid green leaves give off a wonderful scent, which makes it a great plant to be placed on a side table or next to the bed.

Caring for the Regal Pelargonium

  • To get the best from your Regal Pelargonium, keep in a light place, water it regularly, directly into the pot and not on the plant itself.
  • Dead head the faded blooms regularly, this will encourage the plant to re-flower.  Once it has finshed flowering, put the plant outside (during the summer months) and it should produce further buds and flower into Autumn.
  • During the Winter months, bring it back inside and limit watering to once a week until flower buds appear.

By following this routine you will have beautiful, long lasting flowers.  The Regal Pelargonium is the perfect gift for Mothers Day, bright cheerful and has flowers until Autumn.

This post is in collaboration with The Joy of Houseplants.