Pinterest – just call me Mrs Pin..

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I love Pinterest and it seems to love me back!  Just this week I smashed the 250,000 followers mark – I know, it’s mind blowing.  Since then I have been listed as one of the countries top ten Pinterest influencers.  Plus, yesterday, I was interviewed by the Telegraph newspaper, about how Pinterest can be a tool for gardeners, which you can read here.

I suppose being a ‘big cheese’ on Pinterest, means that I have the power to influence a whole heap of people.  By pinning items they could fall in love with particular paint colour, a plant or a product.  Oooo the power!  Kind of like mind control – ‘you will like purple carpets – you will!’ – perhaps not.

Joking aside, this whole Pinterest thing is beautiful, brilliant and super exciting.  Now I’m off to pin

  • Wow, Lou – that is amazing!! No surprise though, I love your pinterest!! Well done Mrs Pin!

  • That’s amazing, congratulations. Brilliant idea to offer to brands — I might be emailing you soon!

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