Spring Cleaning 2015 – Part three…

Spring Cleaning part three - littlegreenshedSpring is here, according to the recent equinox and the clocks going forward.  Time to dust down our homes, fling open the windows and de-clutter.

We’ve been charging ahead with our decorating, getting it ready for a number of interesting projects coming up.  The thought of cameras and people snooping at my dirt covered walls leaves me with dread!  So we’ve been touching up white paint, upcycling bits of tired furniture and cleaning everything in sight.

You may remember my post about Spring cleaning last month, and how I prefer to use natural products rather than harsh chemicals.  Well not everything can be cleaned with a microfibre cloth and vinegar.  Take floors, bathroom grout and sofas for example.

So, after much deliberation, we bit the bullet and chose a steam cleaner, a Vax steam fresh combi multifunction 15 in 1 steam cleaner.  Oh my!  Where has it been all my life.  Such a simple tool to use, add water and detergent into the containers, and then wait for a few seconds, then steam away.

I have steam cleaned our kitchen floor tiles, our wooden stripped floor.  The windows throughout the house.  In the bathroom it made quick work of the shower screen and the bathroom tiles came up beautifully clean.

Our sofa, which is always a dirty mess after having two boys lounging on it, has come up bright and new looking much to Dan’s joy! (no more requests for a new sofa by me!).

This steam cleaner has revolutionised how we clean at home.  It’s quick, light and super easy to use.  And the best bit is, Dan loves doing it!  Win, win!

This post was written in collaboration with Vax.

All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • Great article. My mom uses steam cleaner and after it vinegar for floors. I am so surprised that most of the people don`t use vinegar for their floors. It is natural and easy. You should put 3 spoons vinegar in 1 bucket with water. Then just rinse the floor. Greetings!

  • My mother in law is visiting in two weeks and I may invest in one too and do a quick spruce of the house !

  • We bought one recently too (after our mop died) and it’s been awesome. I hate cleaning and all the chemicals it usually involves.. but the steam cleaner is fantastic.. and quick! We’re actually cleaning all those places you kind of.. ignore (!) because they are too difficult to get to – no excuses with a steam cleaner!

    • Ha hah! Same. Skirting boards! Never cleaned those before, but I am now! :) x

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