William Morris – Project Spring Clean…

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A few weekends ago, Dan and I wallpapered one wall in our dining room, and I can safely say that this one tiny change has made me so happy.

I have been a long time fan of William Morris wallpaper, in particular the Willow Boughs pattern.  I’ve pinned it, written about my love for it on here, but could I convince Dan to have it – could I heck! But, perseverance prevailed, and eventually he conceded (perhaps fed with me harping on about it).

dining room for a shared style (1)

Starting mid-afternoon, we are never ones to rush into DIY round here, we pasted the first length of wallpaper close the edge of the black board door.  Using this as the vertical drop, we then methodically worked our way across the wall. Dan measuring, making sure that pattern matched, whilst I pasted the backs and handed it to him.  Team work!

dining room for a shared style

As wallpapering virgins, we did a pretty good job.  In no time at all, we stood back and admired our handiwork.  And it looks beautiful, if I do say so myself.  This little DIY project took 3 hours, from start to finish and has made a huge impact to our lives.

It has spurred us on to take action in the rest of the house.  As part of our Spring cleaning and de-cluttering, this month we are tackling every room in the house, aiming to finish off those little DIY jobs.  Re-painting wood work, wiping down everything and removing all items that we no longer love or use.

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Yesterday we spent most of the day dealing with our box room.  This poor little space had become a neglected dump.  Full of unwanted things, old furniture, half made craft projects, piles of kids art work and household paperwork.  Not any more!  All has been either thrown, filed, sold or sent to charity.  And wow do we feel epic!

This space will now become a family playroom, a space where I can work, Dan can build projects and the boys can have toys and use it to craft/homework.  Next job – we are swapping bedrooms with the kids! Whoop.  I get my big bedroom back. yay!

So how you getting on with your Spring clean?

Thank you to Fashion Wallpaper for sending me the Willow Boughs wallpaper to review.

All words and opinions are 100% my own.

  • The wallpaper is very in keeping with the look of your home and now you have a permanent Nature in the home. Love the decor, job well done. Enjoy

  • How could you not love that wallpaper, it is gorgeous, and perfect for that room x

  • Such a beautiful choice of wallpaper. I love it against the blue wall. So warm and inviting! Xx

  • You are huge inpsiration to motive us all!! Team work is key and making the time. If you have a cool husband then even better, I am blessed with one of those so we tackle and finish projects together. Love the wallpaper, looking forward to seeing the bedroom swap too.


  • This all sounds soooo good (and the wallpaper looks flipping amazing!). I love the look of your ‘new’ family room – it looks so bright and motivating xx

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